Arnold Rump founded the company Arnold Rump J.H. Sohn in Altena; the company specialised in products made from drawn wire for demanding technical applications (e.g. needle wire). The company was formally registered in the Commercial Register on 18th September.

A plant for the manufacture of needle strip was built in Iserlohn-Hennen.

Preparations at both the technical and commercial level for the consolidation of the two works were launched by the construction of new buildings on the Iserlohn-Hennen site.

Closure of the Altena works and transfer of the company headquarters to Iserlohn-Hennen. The company is renamed "Stahlrump".

Wire rod warehouse built.

The works were extended by the construction of an additional hall and a new office building.

From 2010 onwards the company has been oriented towards yet more innovative manufacturing capabilities by precisely targeted investments.

1876 - a lot happened this year.

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