Production line wire


Wire produced by Stahlrump is used in many special technical applications; these include the following specialist product sectors:

  • High performance industrial needles
  • Highly stressed components in textile machinery
  • Highly stressed rolling elements
  • Precision mechanical tools with long service lives
  • Products for medical technology
  • Highly stressed fasteners
  • Drill bits, precision saws
  • Precision turned parts

Size range:

0.15 to 11.00 mm


According to Stahl-Eisen-Prüfblatt SEP 1520 and DIN EN ISO 643


  • + A (annealed)
  • + AC (annealed and drawn)
  • + C (drawn)
  • + LC (slightly redrawn)


  • Standard tolerances to DIN EN 10218-2
  • Special tolerances by agreement

Surface finishes:

According to DIN EN 1653:

  • SL (ground)
  • SH (peeled)
  • BK (bright)
  • HEBK (special bright)
  • Special surface finishes possible by agreement

On request:

Eddy current crack detection

Delivery forms

  • Coils
  • Spools
  • Barrel winding
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