Production line hardened and tempered strip steel


Hardened and tempered strip produced by Stahlrump is used in many special technical applications; these include the following specialist product sectors:

  • Weaving heddles and drop wires for textile machine construction
  • Precision parts for precision and mechanical engineering
  • Products for the tool industry

Size range:

  • Material thickness 0.20 to 0.39 mm: width up to 20 mm
  • Material thickness 0.40 to 1.00 mm: width up to 40 mm


  • + QT (hardened and tempered)

Surface finishes:

According to DIN EN 10088-2:

  • 2 Q (bright hardened and tempered)


  • Standard tolerances to DIN EN 9445-1
  • Special tolerances by agreement

Delivery forms:

  • Layered coils
  • Coils
  • Special spools
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